The Award Winning Bitteswell Farms

Bitteswell Farms since 1956 have been producing fresh farm eggs supplying major supermarkets and other retail and catering outlets throughout the Midlands.

Family owned we have complete control of the entire egg production process. We rear our chicks on deep litter from day old to point of lay,
milling our own feeds using only the finest locally grown grains and non-animal proteins mixed with natural products to ensure purity and consistent egg quality. We are proud that our ‘Bitteswell Browns’ are recognised throughout the Midlands as the high quality brand leader.

After over 60 years careful management by the same family we are now one the largest independent Free Range Egg producers in the Midlands, with output in excess of 1500 x 30 dozen cases per week produced on 3 farms all within 4 miles of Bitteswell.

All of our production facilities and state-of-the-art egg packing centre meets the BEIC Little Lion and other accredited schemes for all aspects of Free Range egg production.

Chicken in fields